Biology XI and XII
Intended Audience
  • 1. Aspiring teachers seeking a career in education. 2. Current school teachers and coaching faculty aiming for professional growth.
Course Content and Outcomes
  • 1. Comprehensive coverage of the NCERT curriculum for XI and XII, aligned with NEP-2023. 2. In-depth practice for IIT-JEE/NEET, Olympiads, and Board exams with a variety of problems. 3. Regular live interactions with subject experts to deepen understanding. 4. Guidance on effective class management skills, including strategies for maintaining a positive learning environment. 5. Insights into the learning journeys and challenges of educational leaders, providing real-world scenarios to enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills. 6. Continuous assessment of learning progress and teaching delivery techniques. 7. Assured placement opportunities or Money Back Guarantee for candidates meeting the final evaluation criteria.
Why Choose Us

1. Professional development through an immersive learning experience. 2. Enhanced subject knowledge and teaching methodologies. 3. Emphasis on reflective practice and continuous improvement. 4. Exposure to current educational practices and trends. 5. Development of essential classroom management skills. 6. Strengthened problem-solving abilities. 7. Training in creating empathetic and constructive relationships with students.

INR 12,999.00

(GST inclusive)

This course includes:
  • Recorded Lectures: 1. Subtopic-wise recorded lectures uploaded 5 days a week (up to 3 short lectures per day). 2. Lectures are presented in a mix of Hindi and English to cater to a diverse audience. 3. Regular viewing is encouraged to maintain pace and prepare for live sessions. Daily Practice Problems (DPPs): 1. Two sets of Multuiple Choice Question-based DPPs are provided after each subtopic. 2. Standard DPPs focus on NCERT curriculum, while Advanced DPPs target NEET/JEE level. 3. Completion of Standard DPPs is mandatory to unlock subsequent videos. 4. Extra scores awarded for solving Advanced DPPs. Live Interactive Sessions: 1. Conducted by subject Deans following each chapter. 2. One-hour sessions designed for doubt clearing and discussion on DPPs. 3. Participants receive tips on enhancing class effectiveness, including board work, body language, and diverse learning styles. 4. Updates on educational trends to improve overall teaching quality. Tests: 1. Chapter-wise tests to assess understanding and retention. 2. Mandatory for all participants to gauge performance and progress. Demo Lecture Video Submission: 1. Participants record and upload a 15-minute demo lecture at the end of each chapter. 2. Constructive feedback provided by trainers in subsequent live sessions. Evaluation: 1. Performance improvement based on test scores and demo lecture quality. 2. Evaluation metrics set by subject Deans. Scoring System: 1. Scores based on completion of Standard and Advanced DPPs. 2. Ranging from 5 (high engagement) to 1 (minimum engagement). 3. Non-completion of Standard DPPs or poor performance results in ineligibility for the money-back guarantee. 4. Benefits of the Program: 5. Holistic development encompassing academic knowledge and soft skills. 6. Structured learning pathway ensuring steady progression. 7. Direct feedback and guidance from experienced educators. 8. Opportunity for practical application through demo lectures. 9. Support in job placement for qualifying candidates.