Course Content 80 Videos,
Subject Expert 2 Videos,
1.Sachin Sir Faculty Introduction
2.Anand Pandey Sir Faculty Introduction
Living world 4 Videos,
1.L-1 What is Living-1
2.L-2 What is Living-2
3.L-3 Diversity in Living World
4.L-4 Taxonomic Categories
Biological classification 6 Videos,
1.L-1 Kingdoms of Classification
2.L-2 Kingdom Monera 1
3.L-3 kingdom Monera 2
4.L-4 Kingdom Protista
5.L-5 Kingdom Fungi
6.L-6 Virus, Viroid, Prion, Lichens
Plant Kingdom 7 Videos,
1.L-1 Introduction, Systems of Classification, Numerical Taxonomy, Cytotaxonomy, Chemotaxonomy
2.L-2 Algae - Rhodophyceae,Phaeophyceae, Chlorophyceae
3.L-3 Bryophyta
4.L-4 Pteridophyta
5.L-5 Gymnosperm
6.L-6 Angiosperm
7.l-7 Plant Life Cycles and Alternation of Generations
Animal kingdom 13 Videos,
1.L-1 Porifera
2.L-2 Cnidaria
3.L-3 Ctenophora and Platyhelminthes
4.L-4 Aschelminthes
5.L-5 Annelida
6.L-6 Arthropoda
7.L-7 Mollusca
8.L-8 Echinodermata
9.L-9 Protochordates
10.L-10 Pisces
11.L-11 Amphibia
12.L-12 Reptilia
13.L-13 Aves and Mammalia
Human Reproduction 12 Videos,
1.L-1 Male Reproductive System-1
2.L-2 Male Reproductive System-2
3.L-3 Spermatogenesis, Semen and Sperm Structure
4.L-4 Female Reproductive System-1
5.L-5 Female Reproductive System-2 Oogenesis
6.L-6 Female Reproductive System-3
7.L-7 Menstrual Cycle
8.L-8 Fertilisation
9.L-9 Cleavage & Implantation
10.L-10 Gastrulation
11.L-11 Parturition
12.L-12 Lactation
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants 6 Videos,
1.L-1 Introduction, Flower, Male Sex Organ, Microsporogenesis
2.L-2 Female Sex Organ, Megasporogenesis
3.L-3 Pollination, Pollen Pistil Interaction
4.L-4 Double Fertilisation,Endosperm, Embryo
5.L-5 Seed & fruit
6.L-6 Apomixis and Polyembryony
Reproductive Health 7 Videos,
1.L-1 Reproductive Health, Problems and Strategies
2.L-2 Population Explosion and Birth Control -I
3.L-3 Population Explosion and Birth Control -II P1
4.L-4 Population Explosion and Birth Control -II P2
5.L-5 MTP
6.L-6 Sexually Transmitted Infections
7.L-7 Infertility & ART
Principles Of Inheritance And Variation 12 Videos,
1.L-1 Principles Of Inheritance And Variation Introduction
2.L-2 Monohybrid cross and laws
3.L-3 Incomplete dominance and co-dominance & multiple allelism
4.L-4 Dihybrid cross and law
5.L-5 Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance
6.L-6 Linkage and Recombination
7.L-7 Polygenic inheritance, Pleiotropy
8.L-8 Sex determination
10.L-10 Mendelian Disorders -I
11.L-11 Mendelian Disorders -II
12.L-12 Chromosomal disorders
Molecular Basis Of Inheritance 2 Videos,
1.L-1 Structure of DNA
2.L-2 Packaging of DNA Helix, Search for genetic material - I
Evolution 9 Videos,
1.L-1 Origin of Life P1
2.L-2 Origin of Life P2
3.L-3 Evidences for Evolution - I
4.L-4 Evidences for Evolution - II
5.L-5 Theories of evolution - I
6.L-6 Theories of evolution - II
7.L-7 Theories of evolution-III
8.L-8 Types of selection
9.L-9 Hardy - Weinberg Principle